Assist others

Assist others

The content on this page is a compilation of articles and resources designed for people who are helping others to plan their career pathway and discover the world of work.

Whether you’re an educator, professional, parent, relative, friend or mentor, you’ll find these resources useful for encouraging others to further explore the options that are available.

My career profile

My career profile is the core of the myfuture national career information service. Completing the Australian developed psychometric Interests test will generate a list of suggested occupations to explore based on responses to the quiz.

The Skills, Knowledge and Work conditions quizzes will complement the Interest test outcomes and provide more context for consideration.


The Adventures of You

The Adventures of You is a series of three, short animations that explore the mental skills required for career and life decision making.

The animations have support guides and worksheets that highlight the best ways to encourage executive function (decision making) development in young people aged 5-15 years and beyond.

The animations will help you to identify executive functions, relate them to your daily lives and take consistent, long-term action to improve your skills.

For parents and guardians

The Career development and management topic in Career insight contains articles that support you in helping your child make informed choices.
The topics within Career insight are all aligned to the Australian Work Studies Curriculum.

Occupation videos

Many of the occupation profiles have accompanying videos that provide insights into the occupations and their education and training requirements.

You can also find the occupation videos on the myfuture YouTube channel, with a playlist containing 60 videos which you can either scroll through or allow to run continuously.

myfuture training and development

myfuture is planning a series of webinars to engage with the career development community and ensure the service meets the needs of career development practitioners and educators.

The webinars will support and guide teachers, career advisors, private career practitioners and parents on how to use myfuture to help career explorers.

If you would like to register your interest in future webinars and/or suggest future webinar topics, please contact us with your details and suggestions.

For career practitioners

myfuture's theoretical underpinning is inspired by the DOTS model (Tony Watts 2015).

Each resource on myfuture aims to improve decision making abilities, self and option awareness, and career transition learning.

The information available on myfuture is growing all the time, with the support of dedicated careers professionals. If you would like to contribute an article to myfuture or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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For teachers and students

To ensure myfuture is useful in a classroom, the Career insight topics align with the Australian Work Studies Curriculum. These topics are aimed at preparing students for life after school.

Whether it be work readiness, preparing for further education or training, or understanding the world of work, there is a growing number of articles written by career professionals for your students.

If you would like to provide feedback on myfuture or the Career insight section, please contact us. Your feedback is important in ensuring that resources are useful for you in a classroom.

Digital Career Bullseye resources

If students are having difficulty trying to relate their learning areas to occupations, the new, digital Career Bullseyes will help them by providing a visually engaging tool to explore curriculum areas.

myfuture has recently updated the poster versions of the Bullseyes with QR codes linked to the occupations via the digital version.

Download the 33 Career Bullseyes via the link below. These files are designed to be printed professionally in A2 size for display in schools or at career related events.

Student resources

These five activity sheets are a great introduction to myfuture and are designed to engage students by providing an introduction, a set of objectives, instructions, questions and discussion activity.

You can download the activity sheets in both PDF and Word formats below.